Antonia Contro
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Antonia Contro

Artist’s Statement | My work considers the nature of knowledge, how it is conveyed, and what “knowing” is. I am interested in the relationship between common ways of distributing knowledge – words or equations – and the intuitive, often subliminal ways we construct what we know to be true.

In this age of immediate and pervasive digital information that we most often access in isolation, I am passionate about the knowledge we attain through our senses, as well as art’s capacity to connect us to this increasingly rare experience.

We collaborated with Antonia Contro to create these one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces, utilizing alternative book forms and earth toned materials.

An upright vellum book structure becomes a theater for an ipod movie that is viewed through an opening in the spine. A small box opens to reveal a cypress seed, housed in a deeply recessed space. Another ipod film is viewed through an opening in a wall mounted book form that features a classic rounded spine. An enormous book, with a ribbon marker and pages that cascade onto the floor, seems to float above the ground. These installation pieces, along with many others, were part of exhibitions at The Chicago Cultural Center, The Newberry Library and Philadelphia’s American Philosophical Society.