Boden's Bible
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Boden’s Bible

An Illustration of the Holy Bible containing The Sacred Text of The Old Testament and the New, together with The Apocrypha… Birmingham: Nicholas Boden, 1771. This bible arrived at the studio in rough shape, clearly in need of restoration.

The red rotted leather cover was consolidated and the cover boards detached. Pastedowns were surface cleaned with white vinyl eraser and the spine of the text was cleaned and relined with a layer each of Japanese tissue, airplane linen and acid-free paper.

The frontispiece, already separated from the text, was washed in a water bath and control dried. The first and last few text leaves including the frontispiece were repaired with Japanese tissue adhered with wheat starch paste and reattached to the text block.

New endbands of rolled airplane linen were added. Japanese tissue repairs were made over leather losses at the board corners and edges and the cover was rebacked in calfskin dyed to match the original deep brown leather color.

The original spine label was lined from the back with Japanese tissue and losses to the label were filled in with new leather. The label and the paper repairs to board edges and corners were touched up with acrylics. The label was then re-applied to the title panel of the new spine. A light layer of wax was added to the original boards, paper repairs and label to mimic the sheen of the original leather.

The entire restoration process was photo-documented and presented to the client in booklet form.