despite or because of never seen a cloud
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despite or because of
never seen a cloud

Artist’s Statement | I draw from my life to provide a catalyst for my photographs. The disorientation and confusion experienced in the day-to-day is distilled into a visual journal of my thoughts and fears. Ultimately, I am interested in how ponderous, existential questions might, in some way, be reduced to a personal visual codex. Edition of eight.

For Charlie Simokaitis’s hauntingly beautiful work, we chose materials that create a jarring juxtaposition between outer form and inner content. The books deal with the transition from light to dark, that is, a child’s journey into blindness.

By all appearances this is a set of children’s books and the cheerful colors invite the viewer in. However, appearance contrasts sharply with the shadowy images contained within the texts. The enigmatic, single word titles are stamped in white foil at the base of the spines.