Poems for Sale
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Poems for Sale

Two Firsts | Poems for Sale is the first publication of P.S. Points’s poetry, and the first commission for Collaboration.

Jerry Points designed and illustrated the book. The three different handmade papers used in the book are from Twinrocker Handmade Paper, Brookston, Indiana. Kathryn Clark of Twinrocker printed the edition letterpress. Edition of 40.

In this interpretation of Gary Frost’s sewn boards bookbinding, we favor the lovely deckled edges of the text paper. An unusual half-title hangtag may also serve as a page marker. The quarter leather spine is grey Pentland goatskin. The cover illustration is letterpress printed in black and grey on the unbleached abaca cover paper.

In the dedication, Polly writes: “Poems for Sale is bound by hand and printed by hand on handmade paper. The union of tactile and poetic evokes the best from both. Feel Freely.”

Take the artist’s journey in the creation of Poems for Sale by viewing Poetry, Pulp and Silk Thread: