Searching for Morris Fuller Benton
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Searching for Morris Fuller Benton

Discovering the designer through his typefaces

Fine press book | Morris Fuller Benton (1872–1948) was the chief type designer for the American Type Founders Company (ATF), the dominant foundry in America from the end of the nineteenth century until the demise of commercial metal typefounding. While there is excellent biographical data on Benton, little has been written about his designs. The author, Juliet Shen, brings to light Benton’s significant design contribution. Edition of 75.

An interpretation of Daniel Kelm’s wire-edge design, the non-adhesive bookbinding features an exposed spine with the sewing pattern prominent on the red leather tapes. Kelm’s inventive structure accommodates readers by allowing the book to open flat. A montage of illustrations from the text stand as contrasting quarter panels to the black and gold heathered fabric on the covers. The end papers are Ingres Antique.

Searching for Morris Fuller Benton was produced for Sherwin Beach Press. Published in 2011, it and more information is available from Sherwin Beach Press.