Standing Tall
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Standing Tall

A tribute in book form | Among the exciting features of the new Lurie Children’s Hospital are the large format, montaged photographs by Larry Broutman that delight every viewer, child and adult alike, as the elevator doors open on one of the hospital’s eleven floors. Who wouldn’t be charmed by fanciful scenes of zoo animals at home in Chicago’s iconic places? Hippos loll in Buckingham Fountain, penguin commuters await trains on an elevated platform and gazelles leap the gap as the Michigan Avenue bridge opens.

We collaborated with photographer Larry Broutman and designer Bobbye Cochran to create this book in recognition of Anne Lurie’s unparalled vision and generosity.

And while the photographs clearly play the starring role here, sometimes a single choice of materials can make a project sing. In this case, we chose fanciful marbled endpapers by Italian artist Flavio Aquilina.

project photographs by Mike Kelly