Team Aragi
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Team Aragi

Tribute to a literary agent | Nicole Aragi is the revered publishing agent for more than forty-five internationally recognized authors, including two Pulitzer Prize winners.

At a celebratory gathering in New York City, on the occasion of an important birthday, her stable of writers (self-titled Team Aragi) presented her with this box containing their personal expressions of appreciation.

Each author contributed a page, stretching to exercise the full creative license they had been given. Their submissions are as diversely imagined as their writing styles. Chris Ware’s hand drawn title page and logo are executed with comedic grandiloquence.

The collection is housed in a cloth covered, drop-spine box. The warm, contrasting colors and textures of the fabrics and the hand painted pastepaper by Claire Maziarczyk reflect Nicole’s middle eastern heritage. The Team Aragi logo is blind embossed on chocolate brown goatskin and inset in the cover.

project photographs by Mike Kelly