Unnatural Light
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Unnatural Light

Artist’s Statement | There is something about the light in the Pacific Northwest that provokes contemplation — from the lack of it in winter months, to the cyan skies in summer that overtake the night. Unnatural Light reflects a lifetime of illumination through stories and wordplay with text that is challenging reading in daylight, but literally glows in the dark. Edition of eight.

The stories of Unnatural Light that accompany each of the eight illustrations were written, handset and letterpress printed by Jessica Spring on her handmade paper. The vintage illustrations were also printed letterpress using vibrant fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark inks.

We worked with Jessica to create an enclosure that both compliments the prints and mirrors the theme of illumination. On opening the box, moving from dark to radiant, the subtle woven patterns of the black and cream fabrics catch and reflect light. A print of a single vintage light bulb is inset in the cover of the horizontally oriented box.

project photographs by Art Wise